Monday, 17 July 2017

Breakout Liverpool Part 2

I was lucky enough to be asked again by the lovely people at Breakout Liverpool to come and play another one of there rooms, and being pregnant was the perfect evening activity to do. It didn't involve people around you drinking, which I cant stand to be around when I'm sober and If I wanted to sit down I could, last thing you want when pregnant is to be in a busy club with no were to sit, ladies I know you feel my pain with that one pregnant or not!

Last time we went we chose the room Facility and you can read my previous blog post here Breakout Liverpool Review. We decided this time to do Wanted which was 4/5 difficulty. When we got there we felt like we were pros because we broke out last time and sort of knew what to expect. With Wanted you get to pick which side you want to be on Cowboys or Indians? we decided to be team Cowboy because who doesn't want to be a cowboy.

"Wanted is a wild west themed room. Your quest in the room is to escape but you have two choices and ways to escape. Which side will you take, will you save the day as a cowboy or an Indian? Depending on your choice you will face different tasks and puzzles to complete. Which path will you take?"

We were then shown to our room and explained the plot of how we became trapped in our room and then we were locked in for an hour to breakout. I think you forget how hard it is just to find your first clue because you have no idea were to start. It took us a good 10 minutes until that happened and me being the baby brained pregnant one figured out the first clue which I was so happy but surprised about. Then the clues kept jumping out at us and we did have a little bit of help from our room organizer who watches you through a camera and if you need help gives you clues through a screen.

I don't want to spoil the room so I wont go in to detail about it because I would hate to know what was coming up while I was in there and its nice to have the surprise but lets just say this room was really exciting and unexpected things happen. We got to about 5 minutes on the clock and I thought there is no way we are breaking out of here but lucky enough we did it with one second to go. 

We were all laughing and our room organizer because if you read my previous blog post about this we broke out then with one second to go and what are the chances of that happening again. We really need to up our game and beat out time next time we go. 

There are currently 6 rooms to choose from but over the next couple of months they are changing that to 15 rooms which gives you a good selection and also gives you 15 nights out to try something a little different.

If you fancy having a go then I will leave all the links below to go and check them out and if you have been I would love to hear what room you chose and how you got on.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Gender Prediction

For those of you who know me you will know i am an inpatient person, so having to wait 20 weeks to find out the gender of  our baby feels like forever. Surprisingly my second pregnancy has gone so fast and we find ourselves less than a week away until we find out if we are pink team or blue team.

I would love to hear your guesses on what you think the gender is from our scan picture? 

I thought I would do a fun little gender prediction and see if the old wives tales are actually true. When I was pregnant with Heidi I did this and it pointed to girl so you never know.

I found the following questions from 

window to the womb

It’s a Boy If…

Your skin is better than ever, glowing even

Your baby’s heartbeat is slower
Father gains weight
You crave salty or meaty foods
You’re carrying low
Your right boob is bigger than your left
Your belly is rounder
You’re clumsier than usual
Your thighs gain the most weight
Your age at conception added to the month of conception is an odd number
You sleep on your left side
You’re hairier than usual
You’re rounder than usual…like a beachball
If you have a long face
It’s a Girl If…
Your skin is pimply and less clear
Your baby’s heartbeat is faster
Dad is fitter than ever
You carry the baby high
You crave sweet foods
You have colder feet
You sleep on your right side
You’re not getting any hairier
Your belly is wider, rather than round
You’re graceful
If your age at conception added to the month is an even number
If your pupils don’t dilate when you look in a mirror

Then we have the Chinese gender prediction test and from this, age of conception was 32 and month of conception was February so that is Girl

Then the final test is the ring test, the result of this was Girl.

  • It looks like all the above information points to a boy. We find out for definitely on Wednesday so we will see if this is actually a bit of fun or really does work.


Friday, 23 June 2017

18 Weeks Pregnant


How far along. 18 weeks


Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Family time there's nothing better

If you are a working parent like me you know how guilty you feel for putting your children in nursery and how you have to pay someone else to look after your children. I would love nothing better than to be a stay at home mum but its just not possible for us. We are lucky enough to have family who can help out with childcare otherwise one of us would definitely have to give up work.

Guilt always arises for me because you come home from work and then home life kicks in and there's teas to be cooked, washing to be done endless other jobs and by the time you finally sit down its bedtime for Heidi, so I always think when am a actually spending quality time with me family. I am lucky enough to only work half a day on a Monday - unlucky I have to work full days the rest of the week but I get to spend that extra time with Heidi which I know I am lucky to be able to do.

When we get a week off together its a time when we like to do fun things and make memories so that is exactly what we did this last week. Unfortunate for us the weather was awful and we have already prebooked Cbeebies Land to stay over but we made the best of our week,

We went to Knowsley Safari Park on the Monday which was perfect because we can just drive around there in the car and look at all the animals which Heidi loves. It would of been nice to get out the car and walk around the walks and see some of the other animals they have but there is other days we can do that. We did get to see the Sea Lion show which I wasn't to sure how Heidi was going to react but she absolutely loved it. The smile on her face was priceless and I am just gutted I didn't get a picture. Its something we will be going back to do again, but maybe when the weather is a bit better.

On Tuesday we has already booked to go to Cbeebies Land and the weather was awful and all it did was rain but we thought lets just make the most of it while we are here. First off we went to the Water Park which is so good for kids but I think it was a bit overwhelming for Heidi and too many people, she kept asking to get out but I think she just wanted to see Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy because that's all she went on about on the journey down.

By the time we got out the water park the rain had started to go off so we headed over to the theme park.

We got the monorail over from the hotel because that's were we parked and Heidi was so excited on there, she doesn't go on public transport much because we drive most places so to her it was an adventure. Her face when we got to Cbeebies land was of pure excitement and it was lovely to see her so happy and excited. Despite the rain we made the most of our day and got to go on most of the rides, it did brighten up through parts of the day. She got to go on her first rollercoaster and meet so many characters.

Cbeebies land is perfect for children Heidi's age and i would highly recommend it. We stayed over at enchanted village woodland lodges at Alton Towers and it was the perfect way to end the day as we didn't have to travel home and with me being pregnant it was a long day so it was nice to just go straight to the room and lie down. The room was amazing and aimed at kids the way it was decorated, I didn't manage to get any photos - sorry.

For the rest of our week off we just chilled together at home because the weather wasn't the best but it was nice to have the quality time together and not have the rush of getting ready for work and being to busy.


Monday, 5 June 2017

Were does my lack of confidence comes from?

I have always been the shy kid, my earliest memory was probably at junior school. I would blend in to the background and was always that quiet kid who would never put her hand up to answer a question in class or ask for help if I needed it - I was probably scared what other people would think, "she's stupid" or if people laughed t me for asking a stupid question. Not only was I shy but I seriously lacked in confidence and still to this day I lack in confidence but in other ways.

I was bullied in junior school and I think that was down to my confidence issue and also when I first noticed I lacked in confidence. I was around 11 years old when I got bullied and I can honestly say it was one of the worst times of my life. At that age you should be worrying about who your best friend is that week or which boy you fancied the most in your class, not running home from school and locking yourself in your room worrying and crying your self to sleep, thinking what have I done to make someone make me like this. The worst thing was this girl was supposed to be one of my friends, and that's not what friends do. I was to quiet to fight back and just took it and I think that's why I was the easy target. Bullies will always pick on the weakest person because it makes them feel more superior, they would never pick on someone who would fight back.

Bullying is one of my biggest fears for Heidi, for her to feel the way I felt would break my heart and I pray to god it never does or on the flip side I hop she never becomes the bully. Heidi is a really shy little girl which I am really surprised about seen as though she has been going to nursery since she was 9 months old and mixed with so many different children and adults. I hope once the new baby comes along it will knock the shyness out of her. I took her to baby ballet when she was 18 months old which I though might help her to interact with other children but that didn't go to well. I think she might of been a bit to young and hoping in the next couple of months to take her and she might enjoy it because if there's one thing Heidi loves to do is dance.

My lack of confidence continued in to secondary school and if it came to speaking in front of the class I would stumble my words, go bright red and just want to run the hell out of there. OMG if I knew I had to do a talk a few days in advance I would worry about it for days and try and think of an excuse to get out of it. It showed in my exams too, teachers would say at parents evening to my mum that I could do the work and knew  the answers but when it came to exam's I would panic and that was down to my confidence and not believing in myself. I used to think when I am older I wont be like this because adults always look confidence.

It did follow me to adult hood and when I would meet new people I would be so quiet and not speak until I got to know them, it was exactly the same when I meet Keith and he thought I didn't like him because I hardly spoke on our first date - I sometimes wonder why he actually wanted a second date, haha that's were my lack of confidence come in. Since having Heidi it has improved and I love meeting new people and have the confidence to speak to them, I haven't got that thought in the back of my mind will they like me, am I interesting enough. But my confidence is now in other way, Keith will say to me you don't have much confidence in yourself do you. Even down to posting pictures on Instagram, I try to cut my face off pictures or use filters. If we go out I always pick holes in my appearance asking, "do I look fat in this, does this look ok?"

Writing this blog and posting pictures on Instagram has gave me some of my confidence back. I'm not questioning why people read my blog or like my pictures I'm just taking it as a compliment. I know I will never get over my lack of confidence as there will always be that thought in my mind but confidence grows and it will continue in me.

I would love to hear how you deal with confidence issues and if there is anything you do to help.

Twin Mummy and Daddy
The Mum Diaries (and dad's too)

Friday, 2 June 2017

15 Weeks Pregnant


How far along. 15 weeks


Friday, 19 May 2017

13 Weeks Pregnant


I thought I would start documenting my weekly pregnancy updates, when I was pregnant with Heidi. I found these really interesting and when you are a first time mum its nice to read and see how other people's pregnancy's differ from yours or just to be nosey - that was me!

 I have been using the Ovia Pregnancy app and I love the updates they have like the hand size and also the theme you can pick as to what size your baby is. I picked the Fun & Games but they also have Fruit & Vegetables, Parisian Bakers & Weird but cute animals.

How far along. 13 weeks