Friday, 22 January 2016

Slimming World Food Diary/Tracker

Just incase anyone is interested I have attached my Slimming world food diary/journal. It can easily be printed on A4 paper.
I have also put a feel good quote at the top of the page. If anyone would be interested in receiving a weekly sheet via email with a different inspirational quote on then please let me know.

Top 5 Mum must haves

5 New Mum Must Haves 

Forget what you’ve read in the baby books — we go beyond the basics and get right to the good stuff!
Everyone will tell you: Get teething toys.
No one will tell you: Get this very specific one called Sophie.
I had heard so much about 'Sophie' before and while I was pregnant and kept wondering what or who was Sophie. My little girl absolutely love this and would carry is around and chew on it all day.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunday 17th January food diary

SW breakfast Asda reduced fat Cumberland sausage 1.5 syns
Cup of tea HEA Skimmed milk, sugar 1 syn

Tuna sandwich 2 syns Mayo, HEB 2 slices whole meal bread
Clementine super free

Chicken Parmesan (syn free) breadcrumbs HEB veg and sweet potato mash 

I also had a kitkat in the evening 5.5 syns
And a cup of tea HEA skimmed milk, 1 sugar 1 syn 

Total syns 11/15

Week 1: 9th Jan - 15th Jan 2016 journal

Start Weight 11 Stone exactly

Im not going to write a full post on my food diary for this week as it would take me forever to write up. I have decided to just do daily posts of what I have ate instead.
I stuck to sw all week and stayed within my syn allowance and that was with having a kitkat every night because I couldn't give up chocolate.
I even tried Zumba step which by the way I loved, on Monday evening and I am going to make it a regular outing. Not only is it exercise but it's just good to have an hour of being myself and not mum.
My way in day was Friday 15th and I lost 2lbs which at first I felt a bit disappointed about but then I realised any lose is better than a gain. So overall my first week went well and I'm busy planning next weeks meals and hoping it goes as good as this week. 

Friday, 8 January 2016


Hello I thought I would do a quick post on the blogilates app to let you know what it's all about.

This is run by Cassey Ho and she has a really good story of how she started this website, so go and check it out.

So what is it all about you wonder..... well once you have signed up, at the beginning of each month you will receive a password for the next month's workout calendar. This can be printed out so you can easily see each day what exercises to do. For each day will come a number of different exercise videos that are easy to follow and all filmed by the lovely Cassey Ho herself. The videos are fun and entertaining without feeling like a gruelling workout. There is also an app on your iphone or android phone and this has the workout videos for each month and an easy check off so you know which have been completed. This app is £0.99 per month and well worth the money.

If you are just starting out on your fitness regime then I would personally suggest the POP Pilate's for Beginners which eases you in to the workouts.

All of the videos needed are linked below the calendar for easy viewing.

As well as workouts there are also Meal Plans, Recipes, before and after stories and also a shop to buy the Train like a beast look like a beauty tops and many more styles, also yoga mats, water bottles, so go and take a look around.

So if you are looking to get fit but don't want to pay for a gym membership then take a look at this and you could have a body like a beauty also.

Hope this helps and gives you the idea to kick start your fitness regime.