Saturday, 25 June 2016

Kidlo Land Nursery Rhymes App: Review and Giveaway

Before I had my daughter I would always say I don't want her to play on an iPhone, iPad or any type of tablet until she was at least 5 years old. I did ok without them and so would she. But as I have seen with other kids and just the world in general playing on these or the norm and the way of the world now. I don't want her to go to school and be the kid who is behind with technology. So we have bite the bullet and bought her a tablet for her Birthday in September when she will be 2. She loves swiping away on my phone at the moment, I don't let her play on it all the time she has a little 15 minute play every now and then.

Then I got asked to review the Kidlo Land Nursery Rhymes App and jumped at the chance because it was something me and Heidi could do together and I knew she would love playing on my phone.

With Heidi just being 21 months she doesn't fully understand how to play the games by herself but give it a few more months and she will be flying through them. I loved the Nursery Rhymes section because she listens to a lot of nursery rhymes in nursery so she loved having a sing and a dance to those. Her favourite one is the Wheels On The Bus and I love seeing her doing the actions its too cute for words.

As you can see there are 20 nursery rhymes to choose from and the app is so easy to use. I love the fact that the words come up at the bottom of the screen to follow just incase you forget the words.

Our favourite game to play together was in the activities section, and then animals because Heidi loves anything to do with animals.

I would hold Heidi's finger to play the games as dragging the pieces she just doesn't understand yet. But we had so much fun and she especially loved the below game feeding the mouse the cheese she would giggle to her self with the noise of the mouse eating.

The app is for children aged 0 - 5 years and with over 490 songs and activities there is hours of fun to keep your children entertained and the plus side its also educational. Its £27.99 for a full years subscription which I think it well worth the money as I said it would keep you children entertained especially if you have a long car journey.

The Links for the apps for both platforms are below,

If you like the look of this app and would like to win a 3 month subscription then please enter the competition below.

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Can I still be stylish and a mum?

When you are a mum sometimes it's easy to just throw on a pair of leggings, a baggy top, trainers and you're good to go. I'm the first to admit that since I had my daughter I have let myself go, it's too much effort sometimes to be "stylish" but I love fashion and I'm always looking to see the new trends.

This summer I want to be the stylish mum not the mum that blends into the background with the boring, black, baggy clothes. 

My ideal outfit for a day out shopping, food etc would be a nice pair of jeans, top and a pair of wedges.

I found the perfect pair of jeans from Pretty Little Thing (Lourdes Dark Wash Fuce Flared Jeans), and they were a bargain for only £10. I love flared jeans in the summer because they look perfect with a pair of wedges.

Pretty Little Thing Sale

I would team them with these gorgeous wedges from Isabel Marant at £153 they are a bit expensive but would last for years.

Isabel Marant Sale

The 2 items would be my staples for the summer and then I would switch up the tops. Once you have found the perfect pair of Jeans and shoes you're halfway through the outfit battle.

This Karen Millen top would be perfect for a hot summer's day and adds a bit of colour to the outfit. 

Karen Millen sale

Just to make the outfit a bit more casual I would team it with this Ted Baker T Shirt. Again I love the flowery print.

Ted Baker sale

Do you have the perfect stylish summer look? 

sourced via LoveTheSales.

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Time for Anything?

I always wonder how I thought I never had time to do anything when I lived at home. When I lived at home my mum did everything for me cooked, cleaned, made my lunches, I literally never lifted a finger and all I paid her housekeep was £200 a month, which was a steal for everything she did for me, I even had sky in my bedroom for that price.

Then when I moved in to my own house i think it was a bit of an excuse to use. My friend would ask "Are you coming to the gym tonight" my response "I can't I have tons of housework, shopping, washing to do, maybe tomorrow?" But let's me honest tomorrow never comes.

Then once a baby comes along, you realise you never have time to do anything. Here are a list of things I never have time for or can't do anymore.
  • Washing my hair - I have always been a once a week hair washer even before my daughter came along. When she was first born this went to a whole different level, I once went 3 weeks without washing my hair. Who has time to jump in the shower when you have a newborn, and when you do all you want to do is sleep.I know this is totally gross but it only happened the once and then I think it went down to 2 weeks.
  • Painting my nails - I always had perfect nails, I hated seeing my nails chipped. But I never get 5 minutes to paint my nails let alone let them dry without my daughter want picking up or just to sit on my knee. As much as I adore the love affection, I also don't want smudged nails.

  • Read a book or magazine - I used to love nothing better than curling up on the couch or in bed with a good book or magazine, getting lost in the story or in celebrity gossip. If I pick up a book my daughter wants to see it or draw on it so there's no point and once she's in bed i'm half the time not to far behind her. Im looking forward to the days I can read again.
  • Go the toilet in peace - As soon as I leave the room to go the toilet i have a follower and she brings all her teddy bears and sits on the toilet floor. Ermm sorry I don't like an audience when I pee, lol.

What don't you have time for anymore?

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Healthy BBQ Receipe

Since starting slimming world or shall I say attempting because I'm easily swayed in to having a chippy tea or an extra chocolate bar, I have found that making my own sauces a - taste a lot better, b - healthier for me and c - a lot cheaper. When you look at the ingredients of a BBQ sauce you haven't a clue what half the ingredients are or why they actually need to be in there once you start making your own.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Weight Loss Journey #8

Monday 30th May to Sunday 5th June 2016

Sorry I didn't record last week.

Start Weight 11 stone  lbs
Weight loss +1 lbs

Thursday, 2 June 2016

My favourite things May

I thought I would start a monthly favourites series because Im nosey and I also love seeing what other people have bought or are currently loving this month.

Let's get started,