Monday, 19 September 2016

Autumn/Winter Toddler Clothing Haul

I know this is probably a bit early but I love nothing better than being prepared and it has a little story to it also.

I was scrolling through Instagram and I follow a child's clothing store called Jam Kidswear. Each week they run a bonus ball where you pay £5 per number and if you bonus ball comes out on the national lottery then you win a certain amount of money to spend in there shop. I picked 17 because it's the date Heidi was born on and lucky enough for my first time at playing out popped number 17. So this week I won £255 to spend in there shop and it could be spent on Autumn/Winter stock.

If you would like to try your luck at winning the bonus ball then all their social media links are below.

Let's move on to the fun bit of the actual clothes that I picked. I decided to pick items from the Autumn/Winter range and put some of them away for christmas, It saves me having to pay for Christmas clothes!

I have done a youtube haul video showing what I bought So if you would like to see that then please click on the following link, Autumn/Winter Haul Video also if you like the video then please give it a Like and also Subscribe. It would be much appreciated and would love to give you a virtual hug as a thank you.

For the first outfit I chose was these leggings, I adore the mushroom print I think it's so different and stands out. The cardigan i think matches perfectly. I have decided to take this outfit on our family holiday to Butlins as it's not as winter-ey as the other outfit I chose.
Oilily Tiska Funghi Leggings £29.00

Oilily Homber Sweat Cardigan £44.00
The second outfit is one I am putting away for christmas, it's so christmassy and I love the unicorn print.
Oilily Tinez Unicorn Top £33.00
Oilily Tiska Funghi Painterly Leggings £29.00

This next outfit is for Christmas day and I think the Alice in Wonderland print is so cute and the tights match perfectly with it.

Room Seven Toulas Dress Pink £36.99

Room Seven Maru Pink £14.00

Finally I chose the red shoes to go with the outfits and a few pairs of knee socks for other outfits and the red ones can go with the above dress.

Mary Jane Pantent Leather Shoes - Red £40.00
Bow Socks - Red £6.00

Bow Socks - Baby Blue £6.00

Bow Socks - Navy Blue £6.00

All of the above clothes are is size 2 years and the shoes, socks & tights are is size 5. Some of the above items might not be in stock but keep checking back incase they re stock. Also they have some other gorgeous bits.

I love all the above clothes and am so glad I have all Heidi's clothes sorted for Christmas, She is going to be one stylish little Girl.

Pink Pear Bear

Monday, 5 September 2016

We got engaged

Ever since I was little I have always wanted to get married and would imagine what my wedding day would be like. As a teenager and even still I love sitting with my mum and watching a really good rom com and thinking one day that will be me. Everyone little girl wants to wear the dress and be a princess for the day, don't they?

I will give you a little background story with regards to me and Keith. We have been together since February 2012 and were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. I remember feeling nervous and wondering, What if we dont get on? What if we dont have anything in common? We spoke over text message for a couple of days and then he asked me out on our first date, Shall we go for a meal? My nerves went up the scale to about 150, if anyone knows me I am a shy person anyway but ask me to eat in front of someone and I am 10 times worse. The date went well apart from me hardly eating anything due to my nerves and Im not much of a talker when I first meet someone, I think Keith thought I didn't like him.

We went on a few more dates and my eating in front of him phobia soon got better and now I will stuff my face and not give it a second thought. We never really had "The Talk" where we say are we boyfriend and girlfriend? We both just sought of knew where it was heading.

Things started to move along pretty quickly after that, we booked our first holiday together for June 2013 and it was so nice to spend some quality time together just the 2 of us. We were also in the process of buying are first house which we finally moved in to in July 2013. It does all seem a bit quick but we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

By January 2014 we found out we were expecting a baby and we were both over the moon. Another little chapter to add to our story and in September 2014 we welcomed our daughter Heidi in to the world and she just makes us so happy every day. How did we make such a perfect little girl, except for when she wakes you up at 3 o'clock in the morning. You can read all about my pregnancy story with Heidi here if you like, Pregnancy story of my daughter Heidi

I few times over the years I thought Keith would of proposed by now. After I had Heidi, when that didn't happen I thought he might on my 30th Birthday but nope still no ring. I had just started to give up and think maybe it will happen on our 5 year anniversary which is February 2017.

Instead he surprised me out of the blue on the 25th August, yayy! I didn't expect it so I think that made it a little bit more exciting.

I walked through the living room door were Keith & Heidi were already and Heidi came running over to me holding a ring box. Then I seen her t-shirt which ready "Will you marry my daddy" which just made me cry. I am a very emotional person anyway and I only need to watch an advert and I start crying. Then I noticed Keith on one knee holding a bunch of flowers. It was all quite surreal because there was so much going on that I forgot to say yes, so Keith had to ask me again Yes or No and straight away I said yes.

For the rest of the night I couldn't stop looking at my ring and thinking how lucky I am to have such an amazing Fiance and daughter. Keith put a lot of thought in to the proposal and involving Heidi made it so much more special. I can't wait until she's older to tell her the story and show her the pictures, it was such a special moment in our lives and Im glad she got to be a part of it. Nothing will ever come close to Heidi's birth but my proposal is a close second.

Once we have booked a date etc I will share updates and do a wedding series to keep you all updated, Its nice to share this special memory with you all.

How was your proposal? I would love to hear all about it.
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