Monday, 20 March 2017

Do I have a twin?


Now that I am back from my blogging break I wanted my first post back to be something light hearted and a bit interactive.

I have always wanted to be a twin, a twin sister not a brother I already have two of them. I used to envy friends of mine who had sisters, imagine living with your best friend?
Having someone to talk about boys with, doing each others hair and make up and borrowing each others clothes. In real life and you are younger its probably not like having a best friend, and you probably wished for a brother like your best friend who wishes she had a sister - You never actually get what you want, its like the straight hair, curly hair wish.

I bet you are all wondering what the hell this post is actually all about, and no I haven't found my long lost twin, although that would make a pretty good story. As I said above I wanted something a bit interactive and fun, and I suspect many mums out there have this exact problem that when there child is born they come out looking exactly like there dad's? After you have carried them for 9 months the last thing you want to hear is "isn't she the spitting image of you, Keith" Or "Keith, she is your double".  Sometimes I just want people to say "Michaela, looking at Heidi is like looking at you".

So I found a picture of me and Heidi at around about the same age, which is about 6 months. Can you spot any similarities between us and maybe, just maybe she does look like me.



So do you think we are twining?



  1. I can definitely see similarities in there but at the same time you look very different! With Zach, everyone said he looked like his dad but people seem to say that Oscar looks like me which makes me happy! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday