Monday, 24 April 2017

A to Z of what makes me happy

A is for Alcohol, because I love a Brandy and coke every now and then.

B is for Brothers, I have 2 and even though we sometimes argue I'm lucky to have them in my life.
C is for cuddles, when your feeling down nothing beats a good 
D is for My Dad, because who would do my wallpapering, seriously don't know what I would do without him.
E is for Eating, I love food and when I'm having my breakfast I'm thinking about lunch etc.
F is for Family, because that's what life is all about for me.
G is for Gym, it's were I like to go to have me time and I love to spend time with my gym friends.
H is for Heidi obviously ❤️
I is for Internet, what would any of us do without it these days.
J is for Jamaica, I have never been but have always wanted to go since I was a little girl. One day I will get there!
K is for Keith, he makes me happy and he's my best friend.
L is for Laughing, there's no better feeling than having a sore belly from laughing so much and sore cheeks.
M is for My Mum, I would be lost without her and I hope I turn out to be half the mum she is to me and my brothers.
N is for Never Land, I absolutely love tinkerbell, I even have her tattooed on my shoulder.
O is for Organising, nothing makes me happier than organising clutter.
P is for Park, I just love how simple it is but makes Heidi so happy.
Q is for Quiet, sometimes 5 minutes is all you need.
R is for R&B, nothing chills me out more than listening to a bit of R Kelly or Ashanti.
S is for Sweets, I definitely have a sweet tooth.
T is for Cup of Tea, I can't function without my morning cup.
U is for Up-Cycling, I love seeing what people create and really want to try it myself.
V is for Vino, a nice glass of Rose on a summers day.
W is for Walking, when the sun is out it makes me happy being out in the fresh air.
X is for Xmas, my favourite time of the year, I'm still like a big kid.
Y is for Yoga, which I have just started to get in to, it's so relaxing and clears my mind.
Z is for Zoo, who doesn't like to look at all the animals, I find them so interesting.

I would love to know what your makes you happy A to Z?

Pink Pear Bear

Monday, 3 April 2017

5 things I like to do without children

I love my daughter and spending time with her - obviously that's what parents are supposed to do! And I do feel guilty that I have to work during the week so evenings and weekends are so precious. But every now and then it's nice to not be mummy and daddy and instead be Michaela and Keith.

The 5 things I like to do while I don't have Heidi are,

  1. Relax and read a book

I couldn't tell you the last time I got in the bath and lit a few candles and read a book. Since I got the The Unmumsy Mum Diary book for mothers day I am going to start making time even if its just half an hour to relax in the bath and read my book. I will let you all know what I thought of the book when I start reading it, and I cant wait, I have been wanting it for ages.

    2.  Cinema

I love going the pictures, its a ideal date night for me and Keith and its nice to just have a chill with no interruptions for a good 2 hours. I couldn't tell you the last thing we went to see but we did used to go often but now its just having the time. I did go the theatre a few weeks ago with my mum which is sort of the same thing to watch Funny Girl with Sheridan Smith who was absolutely amazing - if you can still catch it I would highly recommend it.

    3.  Eat out at a restaurant

I love going out for a nice meal, its nice to just not have to decide what to cook, cook it and then wash the mound of dishes. When you have children with you though it turns in to a nightmare, you are chasing them around the restaurant or just shovelling it down your gob to get out of there quickly. Every now and then me and Keith like to make a night of it and I love to get dressed up, go for something to eat - we usually go to Browns Brasserie the food is to die for and they do the most amazing after dinner cocktails.

    4. Shopping

I love to shop - Christmas and birthdays are my favourite times to shop! It doesn't even have to be shopping for me, I love buying clothes for Heidi. Shopping with a child though.....totally different story, I am yet to meet a mum who loves to shop with there children. I like to go early in the day and have a look around, taking my time and even stopping half way for a cup of tea and a cheeky piece of cake - girls you know we need that energy to keep shopping for longer.

    5. SLEEP!!!!

The last thing and probably the most important is sleep. If I have an hour to myself sometimes I just like to have a little nap. We all know that once you have kids you don't have a decants nice sleep for a long veryyyy time. So to have the odd little hour every now and then is a bonus.

What things do you like to do when you are child free?

This Mum's Life