Friday, 19 May 2017

13 Weeks Pregnant


I thought I would start documenting my weekly pregnancy updates, when I was pregnant with Heidi. I found these really interesting and when you are a first time mum its nice to read and see how other people's pregnancy's differ from yours or just to be nosey - that was me!

 I have been using the Ovia Pregnancy app and I love the updates they have like the hand size and also the theme you can pick as to what size your baby is. I picked the Fun & Games but they also have Fruit & Vegetables, Parisian Bakers & Weird but cute animals.

How far along. 13 weeks


Monday, 15 May 2017

We have a surprise!


As some of you might of seen already from Instagram Surprise! So we are expecting are 2nd baby in November and this will complete our little family. We have just had our 12 week scan so thought I would share our exciting news.

This was planned because we just knew it was the right time to have another baby and Heidi was around the right age. I'll take you back to around 6 weeks ago when we found out. Before I had my missed period I just had a feeling that I was pregnant. I took an early pregnancy test a couple of days before and it came back negative which I was surprised about but just thought maybe it's not strong enough yet to show up. A few days after my missed period I took another test and still negative. I just ended up thinking maybe I'm just a bit stressed out - I had been doing a new job in work and things were getting a bit stressed, and my period would arrive in a few days. After a week I took another test to see what was going on and to my surprise it came back positive. I was so happy I ran down the stairs to tell Keith and we both had the biggest smiles ever.

Up to 12 weeks I will let you know how I have been feeling, I have had the usual tiredness, breathlessness and sickness - but this sickness is 100 times worse than when I was pregnant with Heidi. I have said to Keith I definitely think I am having a boy because its so different to Heidi's pregnancy. I haven't had any mood swings which Keith is happy about and I suppose the only other thing I have had is constantly feeling hungry - nothing satisfies my hungriness! But I am actually craving more savory foods than sweet which is also making me sway to a boy because all I wanted with Heidi was fruit and sweet foods. I definitely want to do a separate post on gender predictions and would love you to have a guess on what you think from our scan.

Heidi doesn't fully understand right now and every time I mention it she says "no brother or sister" which is a bit worrying because in 6 months time she will either one here. I am just going to try and keep her included as much as I can and try and explain how she can be mummy's helper etc and by then she will be 3 and she will hopefully understand a bit better.

If you have any tips on how to ease your child in to accepting a new brother or sister I would love to hear them?

If you want to see any specific baby related blog posts then please let me know and I will do my best to do them for you.

I am so happy I get to share my new journey with you and hope you enjoy following x

Two Tiny Hands

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Our day out, Delamere Forest


Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend, I just love that extra day off work and getting to spend an extra day of family time. We thought we would make the most of the okish weather- well it wasn't raining so nothing can be better than that in England, and go to Delamere Forrest which is in Cheshire.

We packed a packed lunch and Heidi had her frozen wellies on which she loves and off we went in the car. It's probably about a 45 minute drive from we're we live so it's not to far. Heidi loves bridges at the minute so any bridge she seen was a great time for her, so we went over the Runcorn bridge which is quite big and she was so happy laughing and squealing in the car. I love seeing her so happy and it's just the little things that make her happy.


When we got there we couldn't find the main entrance so parked in another car park which was fine and right by the trail. We then noticed the Gruffolo trail and began to follow that. As we were walking we noticed other people had the Gruffolo trail packs but we carried on anyway. There was loads of clues to find the Gruffolo and his friends and places were you can take pictures and animals will appear on the pictures - I think a bit like the Pokemon app. We didn't take any of these pictures because there was a few people waiting and Heidi was more interested in running around. We did get to see the Gruffolo though and get a few pictures.





Even if you aren't doing the Gruffolo trail it's a great place to go for a walk and explore in the woods, there are loads of huts and a great place to take your dogs or even a bike ride. We ended up walking to the main entrance we're there's a cafe, eating area, toilets and a place to hire bikes etc which is such a good idea. There are loads of spots to stop and eat if you have taken a packed lunch. 


After are big walk we went back to the car, Heidi was so tired after all the walking and we were all hungry so we sat in the car and ate are packed lunch. Heidi loved it and it was nice to have a lovely morning walk and just be out in the fresh air. We will definitely be back again when the weather picks up and would recommend it to anyone.


Have you ever been?